Lendahand Wallet EN

Intersolve is responsible for managing the assets of the Lendahand Wallets, utilising its license from De Nederlandsche Bank. Intersolve issues Lendahand Wallets where you can check and top up your credit, arrange payment orders and gain insight into the number of transactions, payments, processing details and fees.

Intersolve and consumer

Intersolve is a partner of Lendahand for the issuing Wallets and manages the assets of all Lendahand Wallets.

How to use the Lendahand Wallets

For more information on how to use the Lendahand Wallet, go to https://www.lendahand.com/en-EU

Terms of use

Conditions are defined for products that are managed by Intersolve. The conditions that apply to you for our services as a holder of the Lendahand Wallet can be downloaded here.

Download Lendahand terms of use

Frequently asked questions

Login with your customer details to your Lendahand account (https://www.lendahand.com/en-EU) and you have access to your Lendahand wallet details, including balance information.

If you suspect that someone else has access to your Lendahand Wallet without permission or you have suspicion of misuse, you are able to block your Lendahand Wallet via your Lendahand account login.

Via your Lendahand Account you can request a credit payment from the Lendahand Wallet to your bank account. If however, you no longer have access to your Lendahand Account and there is still a credit on the Lendahand Wallet, you can exchange it via Intersolve, in accordance with the terms of use via a refund request.

The costs for exchanging your credit from your Lendahand Wallet for cash to your bank account are € 10,– per wallet and these costs are deducted from your credit upon payment.

How do I send a refund request to Intersolve?

Please provide your name, full address, postcode, e-mail adress and/or telephone number and your bank account number (this must be from a Dutch bank) in writing. Also reference “Lendahand Wallet Refund Request” as the subject and include your email address (not your password) that you used as login for your Lendahand Account. Send this together with a copy of a bank statement of the relevant account or screenshot from your online banking environment (you may obscure the amounts so that they are unreadable) in a closed, sufficiently stamped envelope to the following address:

Intersolve Payments B.V.
Attn. Customer service
Fonteinkruid 4
3931 WX Woudenberg

In some cases, we may ask you for additional information for identification and verification.